Nanyuki Project Manager

Why you should invest in Nanyuki.

1.Honeypot for Tourists.
Nanyuki has seen significant increase in both local and international tourists arrivals.This is primarily due to Nanyukis proximity to most popular destinations eg Mt.Kenya, Olpajeta Conservancy, Segera Conservancy, Lolldaiga hills.

2.High demand for rental property.
If you want high returns invest in Nanyuki. The British Army Training Center, industrial farming, Tourist, all contribute to the towns thriving economy. This companies require their employee to live closely and due to this, Nanyukis rental market is expanding.

This is a component of Kenya’s vision 2030 strategy that will ensure (Lamu port/south sudan/Ethiopia) transport corridors massive infrastructure run through isiolo which neighbors Nanyuki. An international Airport Project in Eastern Africa .

4.Military Hub.
Nanyukis home to Military personnel from Kenya Army, British Army, BATUK. These military personnel have boosted the demand for rental homes to house the families.

5.Booming Economy.
Nanyuki is expanding it’s economy as the town offers incredible facilities and resources required for thriving business.

6. Good climate,Amazing views and Culture.
The breathtaking views of Mt.Kenya, Closeness to the Equator the town typically receives warm sunny weather and in addition to the natural beauty of the region.

Price 195k cash 235k Installment deposit 50k

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