Nairobi Branch Manager

Marya Wanjiru - Support Staff

Hodari Homes was born due to the desire yo change the real estate Industry in terms of ownership documents delivery to the clients (title deed).
We have been committed to ensure that all our investors receive their title deeds 90days after payment completion.
Through the same,we have managed to set pace to others in the industry,satisfy our clients and build confidence to the interested investors in real estate.
We will continue to upgrade and shorten the delivery duration,working diligently hand in hand with the respective land registry to ensure with no doubt,our clients receive their ownership documents timely.
Your trust in us is much appreciated.
Keep investing with us.God bless Hodari homes,
God bless Kenya.

Hodari Homes LTD
Nairobi Branch Manager
Head of Marketing
Marya Idah.

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