Diaspora Project Manager

Hellen Wambui-Diaspora Manager


“There are millions of Kenyans living and working abroad in countries like Canada, South Africa, the Netherlands, etc. And as it’s often said, they are out there seeking greener pastures. Despite the vast distance and different time zones, the Kenyan diaspora maintains a strong connection to their homeland, notably through the financial support they send back home. Although this money is often used for buying food, analysis has shown that more than half of these remittances are used for purchasing land and buildings.

If you are a Kenyan in the diaspora and you’ve thought about investing in property back home, Hodari Homes holds diverse opportunities for you. Our plots are very affordable and in prime locations. There are quite a ton of things you can do with them to generate more income; for example, student housing, agricultural land, vacation homes, etc.

At Hodari Homes, we will help you get answers and understand how to get started in the world of property investment.

Hellen Wambui
Senior Sales Executive
Hodari Homes

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