Director Remarks

Kennedy Guchu- Director


The history of real estate is a long and fascinating one. It dates back to the earliest civilization when people first began to build permanent homes and structures. Overtime, the real estate industry has evolved to meet the needs of a growing populatiremarkson. This industry has continued to grow and evolve throughout the centuries. In the recent years the industry has been transformed by technology with the rise of online real estate platform and the use of big data to analyze market trends.

In the early days, real estate was often traded informally, with people bartering their homes and land for goods and services. However, as the industry grew, more formal systems of real estate exchange developed. By the middle ages, there were established real estate markets in many parts of the world. Due to formalization in land and property ownership, real estate became one measure of personal wealth, and everyone’s desires, and a measure of personal growth. In economics, land is one of the factors of production. Owing to this, Hodari Homes was born to bridge the gap of property ownership to investors at affordable prices.

We have identified areas which are rapidly growing to ensure that any investment in our properties quickly appreciates and multiplies. In our vision, we are dedicated to train and mentor the youths and the middle aged towards investment. Our drive is to bring impact to them at a personal level and to the society as well. We want to have an impact to those societies by improving their local living standards, through opening the local roads, drilling water for domestic purposes, educating the less fortunate and having mentorship forums to pupils, students and youths to enlighten them on the future opportunities.

To our diaspora investors, we have been dedicated to ensure that we guide them on the right investments. Through the digital platforms and technology advancement, we have managed to serve you efficiently. We will continue serving and offering you the solutions you need to meet your real estate desires.

To our local clients, through your feedback from site visits, we have progressed to advance our project by adding value to them through fencing, beaconing the plots, ensuring well graded service roads, water drilling and care taker’s site house, to enable immediate usage of the property from the time of purchasing the land.


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