1. What are the projects you currently have?

We have 8 projects:

  • Rumuruti
  • Malindi
  • Nyahururu
  • Nanyuki
  • Diani
  • Mariakani
  • Matuu
  • Thika Greens

2. What are the dimensions of your products?

All our projects measure 50 by 100, which is equivalent to an eighth of an acre. However, prospects have no limitation on how much land they want to purchase.

3. How do I access my plot in a block like that?

We have graded 9-meters-wide feeder roads to ensure every buyer can access their plot no matter where it is.

4. Are all social amenities available on site?

We have strategically targeted places where all social amenities are reachable and available.

5. Do your products have title deeds?

Yes, all our products have ready title deeds. Note: Ready title deeds mean that the title deeds are ready with Hodari Homes and, after completion, transfer is done to the buyer’s name.

6. How long do you take to issue title deeds?

We produce title deeds within a period of 90 working days. However, it is important to note that Hodari Homes does not process the ownership documents. It is the Land Registry where sometimes delays or hitches might occur, but we have always worked hand in hand with the respective Land Registry to ensure we issue them in 90 days.

7. Apart from the respective prices on each product, am I required to pay any other amount for title deed processing?

No, the stamp duty fee is inclusive in the prices. No extra charges are required.

8. How do I do a search?

Ask us to provide the mother title or the mother title number, visit the land registry of the particular land, and submit the mother title for search. It takes no longer than 2 days.

9. When are your site visits?

  • Tuesday: Nanyuki
  • Wednesday: Nyahururu
  • Friday: Matuu or Anyday
  • Saturday:
    • Rumuruti
    • Diani
    • Malindi
    • Mariakani
  • Anyday: Thika Greens

About Us?

Hodari Homes is a trusted and certified real estate company dedicated to providing our clients with prime land and property solutions. With a commitment to excellence and transparency, we ensure that all our projects are strategically located and come with ready title deeds, making your investment process smooth and secure.

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